Exterior Works- $13.27

- Soft Foam Wash          

- Fresh Water

- Underbody Spray

- Triple Foam Polish Wax

- Sealer Wax

- Hand Dry



Exterior Premium - $19.47

- Exterior Works

- Seasonal Pre-Soak

- Rust Inhibitor

- Tire Dressing


The Works - $26.55

- Exterior Works

- Interior Vacuum

- Windows Cleaned

- Dash Cleaned

- Rubber Mats Washed

Add $3.10 for Trunk/Van/SUV


The Premium - $30.09

- The Works

- Seasonal Pre-Soak

- Rush Inhibitor

- Tire Dressing

Add $3.10 For Trunk/Van/SUV


VIP Super Clean Wash - $59.99

The vehicle is completely air lined to blow all dirt from underneath, between and sides of all seats and all the hard to reach areas with the vacuum.

• The vehicle is thoroughly vacuumed which includes all seats, carpets, carpet mats and trunk.
• A dressing is applied to give the interior of a vehicle a new car look.
• The wash includes our Premium wash with wax, tire cleaning and tire dressing.
• All door jams wiped down.
• Rubber mats washed.

SUVs, trucks & vans add $10.00.

** Extra charges apply for leather/vinyl seats.

*** This service may take approximately 30 mins to 45 mins.